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"A Continuing Adventure in Staff Development" for 49 Years!

2017 International Great Teachers Leadership Summit Held @ Lake Geneva, WI

The primary purpose of the 2017 IGTLS was to honor the work and legacy of David Gottshall…founder of the National Great Teachers Movement. Our 4-day week together with David served as an intentional opportunity to interact with him as this is his last year leading seminars as he has done since 1970.   The Summit’s…
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The Roger H. Garrison Connection

David Gottshall writes… “In 1969, after several years of experimentation in New York State and elsewhere, Roger Garrison founded a seminar which he called the “National Seminar for Great Teachers” on his home campus in Maine.  I had the good fortune of being involved in that excitingly different departure from traditional teacher training (see reproduction of AAJC Journal cover,…
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