Author: Steve Smith

"A Continuing Adventure in Staff Development" for 49 Years!

2017 International Great Teachers Leadership Summit Held @ Lake Geneva, WI

The primary purpose of the 2017 IGTLS was to honor the work and legacy of David Gottshall…founder of the National Great Teachers Movement. Our 4-day week together with David served as an intentional opportunity to interact with him as this is his last year leading seminars as he has done since 1970.   The Summit’s…
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Great Online Teachers Seminar! Are you an online instructor?  Want to hone your online teaching skills?  If so, GOTS is here for you!  The Great Online Teachers Seminars(GOTS) are unique in-person professional learning opportunities conducted specifically for educators in higher education who teach online. Fueled by the spirit ofThe National Great Teachers Movement, GOTS invites you to share…
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