Featured GT Seminars

A 2016 International Great Teachers Event

A professional learning gathering designed to connect practitioners in the National Great Teachers Movement... Details forthcoming here!

27th Hawai'i National Great Teachers Seminar!

A Continuing Adventure in Faculty Development

Prairie Region GTS | May 11-14th, 2015 - Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada

The Prairie Region Great Teachers seminar is a 3 day intensive seminar that provides an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the challenges faced by educators in post-secondary institutions.

The 22nd Annual North Carolina Great Teachers Seminar in the Southern Highlands of the Blue Ridge Mountains...

February 19-22, 2015 at Camp Kanuga, Hendersonville, NC

Red Rock Great Teaching Retreat Thursday-Saturday, February 26-28, 2015 Days Inn, Kanab, Utah

This retreat is for faculty in higher education. It is based on the philosophy that well facilitated shoptalk is the highest form of professional development.

It's All Grassroots

22nd Annual NCGTS

The North Carolina Great Teaches Seminar has become a much-anticipated annual event that allows community college faculty a chance to learn from each other and find the great teachers within themselves.  It is positive, introspective, and intensely focused on teaching methodologies that work.

David Gottshall, NGTM Founder

A new, 2015 National Great Teachers Movement document will be available here winter 2015.

1st Persons Seminars is a privately owned, NC-based professional learning company that specializes in working with Community College / University faculty, staff, and administrators to provide customized, organizational development seminars based on the GT process. 1PS also hosts the NC Great Teachers Seminar...
"The National Great Teachers Movement is called a 'movement' because it is not associated with, nor does it constitute a corporation or an organization of any kind. Thus, it serves no institutional or commercial interests. There is no headquarters or address, and there are no officials, owners, employees or politics. There' are no manuals or handbooks, only a few simple guidelines and this web connection. Everything is passed on by oral tradition in order to prevent the development of any form of true-believership or fixed procedure which might come to be followed to the letter and of which the educational profession would soon tire... David B. Gottshall College of DuPage (retired)
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